This section is dedicated to human-interest articles from our clients throughout the country. It is a "good news" feature on our website, which will put those articles in one place, with the ability to view the articles on our Surf New Media iOS app available in the Apple App Store. If you would like a human-interest story added to this section, please email Thank you.

Surf New Media Android App
Surf New Media will be launching its iOS companion app for Android in Spring 2023. The Android app will have all the features of our iOS app, with automatic updating, contact links and web views. The launch of the app will allow all newspaper readers to view your site's news on your app no matter their device preferences. Stay tunes for more information as this project gets closer to launch.
internet first midset for newspapers
It is time for newspapers to make an effort to change their mindset from print to online. Although the print product still will be a major presence in newsrooms and ad tables, making the change to online-first will allow papers to expand readership and increase revenue. Foremost, selling ads for print doesn't translate fully for online sales. Offering advertisers the web as an add-on will only work to a certain degree. But selling your online product as a benefit, will help increase sales because it gives your website value rather than just…
Monticello express
By:Kim BrooksExpress Editor     Last week Larry Behrends of Monticello brought to our attention information about Donald Stott, a local man who was killed at the age of 19 in the attacks at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.    “Donald Stott lived with William and Hulda Behrends on Highway 151, north of Monticello, from the time he was 5 years old until he was killed in Pearl Harbor,” penned Larry.    “Donald was like an older brother to John and Larry Behrends, although he was no relation. His dad was painting the schoolhouse across from there…
Nome Nugget Human Interest
By: James Mason ( Three Russian travelers from Irkutsk spent a few days in Nome this past week on their catamaran sailboat. They were on their way from Lake Baikal, which is in Central Asia, to Anchorage on a voyage with historic precedents. Before Russia sold Alaska to the USA the route was well-traveled by traders shipping sea otter pelts to China. This current voyage has a different purpose. “Russia and USA are very close,” said Anatoli Kazakevich, a member of the Baikal-Alaska expedition. “But people in Russia…
royal ballot box
Susan Christensen, Special to the Spencer Reporter   As election day approaches, people often cringe at the thought of political debates, endless commercials seeking to sway voters, and arguments arising between friends who disagree politically. There will be no debates this election season for the residents of Riverview Terrace Assisted Living in Spencer, who are invited to a program by one of their own prior to election day. The residents will hear of historic voting significance sans political drama when Betty Kruse, formerly of Royal…
Good News: Spotlight will shine bright on Veterans
By Kim Wegener Features Writer Veterans will be honored and thanked in a big way on Main Street in Lakota on Veterans Day, Friday November 11. The spotlight will shine brightly on Veterans and Veterans’ widows during the annual Hunting with Heroes drive-through Thanksgiving meal and gift distribution event. This will be the third year for the free drive-through format which will be held from 3 to 6 p.m. rain or shine. Volunteers, some of which will be Veterans, will place in each Veterans or Veterans’ widows’ vehicle in the drive-through a…
good news from surf new media
We are considering starting a "good news" feature on our website, which will gather human-interest types of articles from throughout the country into one place. The idea stemmed from talking with a client who thought that such articles would be a benefit to many readers and help cross promote community newspapers (and websites). We agree. If you are interested in getting your good news into this new section, please email
More information to come about this, but Surf New Media is expanding its operations and offerings.