*Premier E-Edition not included with Package Pricing. Rates for our Premier E-Edition are $59 per month for weekly newspapers
or $99 per month for daily newspapers. News group discounts are available.
**Hosting is included in full for most papers, but those sites using additional resources atypical of plan selected
are subject to additional charges for server upgrades. If your site is hosted on an external server,
Surf New Media is not responsible for server backups, security or hosting-related issues.
***We require a CSV or MDB file for the archived format. Archives in CSV or MDB format will be imported free of additional charges.
We cannot guarantee the import of archives not in this format, although we will work within the limitations of the software to achieve all imports.
Surf New Media is not responsible for archive formats not generated by our own programmers. TownNews archives in NITF format will incur a one-time $250 charge for import.